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Welcome to my articles on Sitefinity and the and experiences I have had. I do love helping others out and it gives me a real thrill when people approach me for help and second when I actually help them out. So here I not only hope to help others out but also hope that others take the time to help me out. I don't mind being wrong but I do hate being wrong for a long time. So call me out if you can, help me to avoid writing another Doh story.

Jul 10

Relative Route Returns 404

Recently I used the RelativeRoute attribute on my custom widget controller like I had many times before. But this time the functionality just did not work. I got 404 errors and it only worked if I hard coded the page name into my relative route. To make matters worse when I deployed it to my server it did work. If others got the project and tested it, it failed for them too. If I tested other projects where I used the RelativeRoute attribute they still worked. I racked my brain but really had no explanation.

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May 18


Google reCaptcha is a popular tool to help secure our forms against spam bots. Often email services will check our forms to ensure we have one present and you may be asked for one to be added. That happened to me. Sitefinity has its own forms and reCaptcha tools but often I find myself creating my own custom form widgets to quickly get the requirement that I have been asked to develop. In this post I look at how to get one added to a custom form you may have created in Sitefinity.

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Apr 13

Country List

Sitefinity has a few hidden gems and helpful utilities which are very handy to know about. It would be nice if they had a page listing these out. Recently I needed a list of countries. I knew the eCommerce module dealt with such a list so where was it? I went looking and found not only the list but a little bit extra.

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Apr 11


Those C# developers coming to Sitefinity will often use the 'using' keyword to effectively use and dispose of objects. I do this as well but in Sitefinity there is one time when it may seem like the right idea to use it when in fact it is not.

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Apr 02


The new HTTP protocol, HTTP2 is here. You can see it being used on the web if you know where to look. It is something we need to be aware of, understand how it works and how to take advantage of it. For Sitefinity projects we need to consider what we may change in our project structure and processes to address and take advantage of the protocol. First things first, lets briefly discuss what the protocol is, how do we implement it and finally what we need to change to take advantage of it.

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