Oct 12

Sitefinity 9.2 My worst upgrade ever but

Sitefinity 9.2 was released last week. There was one particular feature that I had been looking forward to experimenting with, the Module Export feature and was keen to get it installed and have a look at it. I went through my normal upgrade processes and pushed it out to my live site, but it was the worst upgrade experience of my life. But was it Sitefinity's fault or my own?

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May 20

Sitefinity 9.1

Sitefinity has released 9.1 today. There is the usual compilation of bug fixes from all the internal builds since 9.0 as well as a few new features added and improved. But there is one thing that has really made me smile and I am pleased with. You may not like it but I do.

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May 13

Azure Search

Sitefinity supports Azure Search which is massively saleable. But there is a blocking issue where you can not index a site that has more than 1000 items\documents. The good news is that Sitefinity are aware of this. They have a fix for you to use and have the issue logged so as to be addressed and fixed in the product.

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Feb 27

Application Insights

If you are running your Sitefinity site on Azure you might as well be taking advantage of Application Insights to record and analyse performance. By default, Sitefinity logs everything to a text file. Annoyingly you can't read this because the file is locked by the app. You need to wait until it starts a new file the following day. You can push all these events to Elmah which is supported out of the box. But with Sitefinity's extension model you can write your own class to push out this information to your own logging source.

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