Jan 05

Sitefinity View State

Many Sitefinity sites are based on Web Forms and Web Forms use ViewState. It is common knowledge that uncontrolled ViewState can create a very large amount of data in our web pages and this data is sent back and forth with every request. There are many ways to reduce and turn off ViewState when it is not required but when it is there is one more method to help keep down the page size.

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Aug 08

Azure App Service Support

Almost from day one I thought Azure Web Sites was a better platform than Azure Cloud Services for Sitefinity. I have been running my Sitefinity instances there for 2 years now even though there was no support. But now its been announced that 8.2 will support Azure App Services, (Formerly Azure Web Sites), and I am super excited.

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Jul 21

Release 8.1

I have done several reviews of Sitefinity releases and they and this one are all following a trend in what I write. But I do have to be honest in that all the good stuff that I like to see, (bug fixes are one), are often delivered on a fortnightly basis which is always brilliant and great to see.

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