Jul 02

Sitefinity and CDN's

The number one performance issue I have with my clients Sitefinity sites is their inability to manage their images. This last week I have had a job to review image management on one site and explain to another client the difference between 1MB and 20Kb image effect on their site. And to top it off a third client with a database of over 1GB of image storage. So I thought I would do a couple of posts on the subject starting with using a CDN.

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Apr 02

Returning a 404 status code

Using the custom errors and redirecting 404 requests to a Sitefinity page doesn't set\return the 404 response status. The issue arrives when your 404 page is based on a master page. To get around this you can either create a custom master page and override the render method or a widget which is added to the page.

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Mar 24

Support for Azure Websites

Currently Sitefinity supports Azure Cloud Services but in my honest opinion Azure Websites are today the much better option. I run all my Sitefinity sites on Azure Websites and enjoy all the benefits I get from it. Except no support for multiple nodes, (or load balancing) or official support from the Sitefinity team.

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Mar 02

Sitefinity 8.0 Review

I love the release progress of Sitefinity. Regular internal builds if you are looking for a fix before the next release and a steady march of new features. Sitefinity 8 is in beta and due out soon with all the 'What's new webinars' scheduled. A previous release, 7.2, had me impressed and ho-umm'd at the same time. When the 8.0 feature list came out I was interested to see if it would have me rushing to upgrade.

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Feb 17

Securing Sitefinity

Sitefinity is secure platform. It is PCI and FIPS compliant in all areas where user credentials are stored but there are some things still left in your hands to ensure it is secure. Password policy is one area that you are in charge of. Passwords are pain. If we use something we can remember it is weak. If we use something secure its hard to remember. And what some sites require for a strong password are often not that strong.

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